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Electroplating spray clean shop design solution

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2017-02-21 17:56:55Pageviews:2729smallinBig

Electroplating spray clean room can be divided into two categories: the first is under the conditions of mass production, semi-finished products for continuous painting, which is usually in a spray booth with ventilation and dust removal equipment, and then drying, such as cars, tractors and bicycles Factory paint shop...
  IElectroplating spray clean shop Workshop Overview:
  Electroplating spray clean room can be divided into two categories: the first is under the conditions of mass production, semi-finished products for continuous painting, which is usually in a spray booth with ventilation and dust removal equipment, and then drying, such as cars, tractors and bicycles Factory paint shop. The other is a single piece of small batch production, semi - finished products are fixed in the workshop paint, and then dried. , Such as heavy machinery plant, mining equipment factory, general machine factory paint shop. The final process of making the parts of the machine tool is the paint. The general process of the machine and its parts is: rust - brush primer - dry - putty - dry - putty - - paint - dry.


  The process of each process can produce a lot of dust and toxic substances: such as painting this process, the current general use of ordinary spray method, that is, with compressed air spray paint mist, when the paint and the surrounding air a lot of mixed , 25% to 35 percent of the paint is scattered in the air, the paint contains solvents and pigments are of great toxicity: such as perchlorethylene paint containing benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene , Resin, acetone, butyrate, chlorinated turpentine and other harmful substances, which benzene content of the largest workers when the operation, easy to paint absorption, resulting in occupational diseases. Many machine tool plant used. The above-mentioned painting method, the workers for a long time in the absence of ventilation and dust removal equipment under the conditions of work resulting in benzene poisoning and seriously damaged the health of even the use of more advanced no fog painting and electrostatic painting, it is inevitable that the paint does not disperse the air. Rust, grinding putty, blowing and other processes, will produce a lot of dust pollution of the air.
Machine tool plants, general machine plants and machine parts and other factories of the paint shop in the past generally no ventilation and dust removal facilities. In order to improve the working conditions of workers, has several machine tool plant paint workshop ventilation and dust design transformation, not only effectively ruled out the toxic substances and dust, and to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

   II、Plating spray clean shop design basis:
  Painting work in line with the health of GBZ1-2010 "industrial enterprise design health norms"
  Product safety in line with GB / T2893.3-2010 "safety signs with graphic symbols design principles"
  GB / T16297-1996 "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants"
  GB12348-2008 "Industrial enterprises boundary environmental noise emission standards"
  GB / TI9001-2000 "quality management system requirements"
  GB / TI91-2008 "packaging and storage icon"
  GB3095-1996 "ambient air quality standards"
  HJ / T388-2007 "Environmental protection products technical requirements wet paint fog filter purification device"

  III、Ventilation and dust removal design to determine:
   1, to determine the ventilation and dust removal methods: how to effectively eliminate the harmful substances in the air, the design of a reasonable ventilation and dust removal device, has been the subject of the study of the subject of the following model to the middle machine tool shop, for example, according to the machine Features to determine the design. Machine paint workshop building space is tall, processing parts rust, paint, wear putty, paint and so on in the workshop; paint a large and small, large five tons of more than the overall machine, a small five kilograms of the following parts ; Workshop with a large crane on the air, the paint workshop ventilation dust collector should be used to focus on the level of uniform air duct and local exhaust mode. Airflow along the direction of the dust suction outlet, to promote the poison and dust were arrested Set and suppress dust flying.
According to the national environmental protection law, the ventilation and exhaust parts of the ventilation and dust removal system are required to be equipped with silencer equipment, and all air ducts in the air supply and exhaust sections are required to be fitted with hose couplings to reduce vibration, reduce noise and improve The purpose of working conditions. In addition, the exhaust gas from the ventilator and dust material to go through the exhaust gas purification recovery device, and then discharged into the air to reduce atmospheric pollution.
Horizontal air supply pipe set in the workshop on the side of the wall above the (height of about 5 meters in general, according to the specific circumstances of the workshop space) local exhaust device located in the workshop by the external side of the wall, according to the height of the work surface to determine.
2, the design of the exhaust device: the exhaust device should be based on the size of the workpiece, the workpiece shape and ease of operation and other factors designed to Figure 1 can be seen in three forms.
The first kind is the trench suction type: it is suitable for the overall machine tool and larger casting parts, the suction port is set on both sides of the workpiece on the ground, the suction port with a strip of cast iron cover, toxic gas through the cover Sewn into the underground duct discharge.
The second is a double suction: it is suitable for small and medium-sized workpieces, table and suction port along the air flow direction of both sides of the set, the table and the suction port height, respectively, according to the size of the workpiece and the workers to facilitate the operation, The height generally does not exceed the height of the hood.
The third type is fully aspirated: it is suitable for larger and lighter weight of the shell parts, the suction port installed in the ventilation surface of the work surface, harmful gases and dust through the workplace ventilation holes into the wind Road to the outside.
3, this ventilation and dust removal mode and the characteristics of the exhaust device is: a. Airflow organization is reasonable due to the use of the way to send the next row, the operator can bathe fresh air at any time, the proportion of air slightly heavier than the toxic gases and dust can be ruled out ; B. Workers operating flexible and convenient, lifting, loading and unloading unimpeded; c. Painting and drying and other paint processes in the same place, do not have to split the spray room and drying room, saving manpower and resources.

  IV、Ventilation and dust removal system design:
  1, the air supply system process: the air supply device according to the horizontal air duct uniform air supply design. The so-called horizontal air duct is the same amount of air is the same amount of air at the same export speed from the side of the duct hole. The wind speed and air volume equal to the summer will be outdoor fresh air filter directly into the workshop, the winter when the wind will be outdoor air cooling and then heated to 28 ℃ to the workshop.
2, the layout of the air duct: paint workshop air supply on the horizontal air duct side of the hole, the spacing of three meters. According to the size of the workshop to calculate the length of the air duct. Horizontal duct on the side of the hole and the horizontal direction into ten The fifth angle is tilted downwards.
3, the calculation method of uniform air duct: in a long level of the air supply pipe to open a number of side of the air outlet, to achieve each side of the air volume and wind speed to reach the same, so that even the use of air only static In order to achieve this principle, the shape of the vertical section of the duct is designed to be gradual, and the calculation method of the variable cross-section duct is static pressure recovery method, which gradually reduces the dynamic pressure of the pipe section to increase the pipe section Static pressure, so that the static pressure between the two side of the air supply is equal to the friction between the two points to determine the cross-sectional size of the air supply pipe.

   1, before spraying must be checked before the spray pressure is normal, while ensuring that the filter system clean;
2, check the air compressor and oil and water dust separator, so that paint hose to keep clean.
3, spray guns, paint hoses and paint boxes to be stored in a clean place;
4, in addition to blowing dust and dust cloth dust, the other before all the spraying process should be completed outside the paint room;
5, in the paint room can only be sprayed and baking process, and the paint room door can only be opened in and out of the vehicle, open the door must be sprayed when the air circulation system to produce positive pressure to ensure that the dust outside the room can not Into the room
  6, must wear a designated spray paint and wear safety equipment to enter the paint room to operate;
  7, in the baking operations, the paint room must be flammable items out of the room;
  8, non-essential personnel, shall not enter the paint room.
Electroplating spray clean workshop design This process will generally produce more harmful gases, and the exhaust volume is huge, not suitable for air conditioning treatment, if the production process of air humidity without special requirements, may consider the use of environmentally friendly air conditioning. Cleanliness requirements are not high, most of the 10,000 -10 million level. Waste gas, waste water to be treated, not direct emissions.

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