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ZhongJian South For the state to develop seven purification standards

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In recent years, China has been a large range of haze invasion, further detonated the domestic air purifier sales market. However, air purification industry in addition to the use of air pollution, but also including industrial use, medical use and so on. Shenzhen Jianzhong Nanfang Environment Co., Ltd. firstly put for...
"Our culture is human culture, action culture, ideology and culture.Using culture is to do things against people, action culture is better than do not do, ideology and culture is to maintain the values." - Yan Bin

In recent years, China has been a large range of haze invasion, further detonated the domestic air purifier sales market. However, air purification industry in addition to the use of air pollution, but also including industrial use, medical use and so on. Shenzhen Jianzhong Nanfang Environment Co., Ltd. firstly put forward the concept of "air pollution control technology" for the first time in the industry. Mr. Yan Bin, Chairman of the Board, accepted our interview.

1, the purification industry, "Big Dipper"

CCCC is a company dedicated to the professional R & D, design, production and purification of purification equipment to provide ten to three hundred thousand standard clean engineering design, construction and installation services, services include optoelectronics, semiconductors, electronic information , Medical equipment, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, biotechnology, precision instruments, aerospace and so on.

At the same time, as the only standardization of the industry standard solution provider, built in the South, including the standardization of purification indicators, standardization of safety standards, supporting services, such as standardization of seven standards based on market demand point of view. In the construction of the South based on corporate, customer, social responsibility, and ultimately won the purification industry, "Big Dipper" a good reputation and reputation. In the construction of the South, chairman of Mr. Yan Bin said, "Big Dipper" meaning more of a self-demand, all construction projects in the South, including product development, production and sales, product manufacturing, engineering design need to form the company The standardization of standards, such as material standardization, process standardization, support standardization, quality standardization, standardization and after-sales service standardization, according to the company's development and progress, this standard is also constantly strict and perfect.

2, strict quality control, plastic national brand

Purification industry has national technical standards, and in the process of quality control in the construction of the South do have a set of their own quality control mechanism, the system has a strict standard system, the operating level companies from the attitude and culture to start to guide employees. In the construction of the South is precisely with the norms of strict quality control, as well as professional, details, the integrity of the business service concept, the construction of the construction of the product, Domestic thousands of enterprises of the clean room workshop, clean room project, won the 500 domestic enterprises, great well-known enterprises and long-term good relations of cooperation, including the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, BYD, Foxconn, Skyworth, TCL, Canon, And so on.

Shenzhen, the development of the purification industry is only less than 20 years, the beginning of this market is almost entirely in the hands of Western countries, regardless of electronic support industry, precision machining industry, or quality standards and requirements are ahead of our country. In recent years, China's food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries rapid development, purification industry is progressing by leaps and bounds material. Yan Dong pointed out that the air filter paper, for example, all the past standards must be imported, and today has undergone enormous changes - from Foxconn and other top domestic enterprises to the hospital operating room, eighty or ninety percent have been using domestic materials , Which is inseparable from the construction of the South, led by private enterprises to control the quality of the stringent requirements of perseverance.

3, the essence of the company deeply rooted corporate culture

When it comes to corporate culture, the construction of the South is another example of the industry, in the course of ten years of development, the company has positioned itself as a development-oriented enterprises, the core pursuit of survival and rapid growth, To the level of development strategy, he believes that corporate culture is a kind of precipitation, is the essence of the company, it can form the work of colleagues and work attitude, but also to determine how much the company can fly, fly far from the important factors .

Built in the South to implement the corporate culture is down:
Enterprise Mission: to create value for our business, family, business, society to give a major responsibility!
Business philosophy: Shang Road pay ground; so that sales and service as our business DNA!
Core values: loyalty, learning, innovation, trustworthiness!
Mission: to create the purification industry leader, so that our motherland and prosperous!
Quality culture: product is character.
In addition to the core corporate culture, the construction of the South has also established a management culture, including the implementation of culture, communication culture, work style culture, employing culture, sales culture, and so has a systematic and comprehensive excellent corporate culture.
Yan Dong share his corporate culture experience: Our corporate culture is from the use of culture, action culture to ideology and culture. Personnel culture is to do with the people, the action culture is better than do not do, ideology and culture is to maintain a certain value. Colleagues in the process of work will be more harmonious, collaboration will be more perfect, so we work attitude will be consistent.

4, do upright enterprises, plastic century brand

In 2014, the construction of the South launched a strategic plan, the same year proposed the "plastic century purification brand" concept, as a company set up 13 years, the construction of the South know the rapid growth of enterprises, the eternal green is the key to cultural Inheritance, the inheritance of the spirit of enterprise, the core competitiveness of the heritage, and the first step in the Long March will first become a standard, respected company, the only way to enter the listing stage, the company's governance structure, financial management , Top-level design and other aspects of possible to achieve the requirements of a hundred years of business.

In the 13 years since the establishment of the construction of the South, won the well - known enterprises in Shenzhen City brand certificate, with the Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Office issued the "own intellectual property rights" certificate, the Chinese Institute of Electronics Technology Branch member of clean, clean industry in Guangdong Province, the first member units, The first purification unit in Shenzhen City Association, and many other titles.

On the industry outlook, Yantong said: clean air is not only reflected in life, but also in industrial processes, including bio-pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, operating rooms, etc., because the bacteria are attached to the dust above, The air will grow, and control of the dust in the air to control the growth of bacteria in the air, so that the prospects for this industry is very ambitious. This year is listed in the construction of the South, November will be listed on the new board, the next three to five years is expected to IPO business direction.

Only healthy development, in order to sustainable development, we are pleased to see that in the fast-growing road, carries the "century purification brand," the great ideals, in the construction of the South under the leadership of Yan Dong, the innovative mechanism, The management and outstanding culture, in the Internet of Things industry a broader world brilliant.

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