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Decade of purification experts take you to interpret the home FFU air purifier magic

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2017-01-11 20:49:56Pageviews:3857smallinBig

Are you still worry about haze? Are you still worried about the family pollution it? Home FFU, in addition to haze FFU, in addition to PM2.5FFU, in the construction of the South FFU family suit, spike all the way to the south of the home FFU suite, EBM fan, HV filter paper, third gear speed, combined filter, multiple f...

1, FFU past lives

FFU English full name Fan Filter Unit, Chinese name fan filter unit, and popular point, is an independent ventilation system. The so-called independent ventilation system, with several factors: fan source, filter, pipe. Before 2014, FFU is only used in industrial plants one thousand or one hundred purification, FFU began to enter the family in 2014 (as to why the family, the northern haze heavy friends should be clear). FFU is characterized by "big", fan power, filter size, noise! Because the big, so the effect is very good, the same because of large, so the noise problem is generally difficult to accept.

2, FFU noise solution?
FFU fan power, it determines the fan noise will be great, no matter how the motor to do the ultimate, high-speed wind will produce a lot of noise, which is no way to avoid. Now the market all the mute FFU verbal known as foreign advanced technology, in fact, are flicker, the core technology is to reduce the motor speed through the capacitor, the air volume down, wind speed down, the noise naturally low. FFU market value determines its cost, with foreign original motor, did not sell more than 2000, should be at a loss. Interested friends can consult Taiwan's multi-profit fan, the German EBM fan prices, self-understanding.

3, FFU purification in the end is a few heavy purification is good?
From 2016 onwards, the number of purification FFU geometric rise in the emergence of replacement from last year's XX generation and now even manufacturers have started more than a dozen generations of FFU purifier. Most of the original FFU only a HEPA purification, and some will add early effect of purification, at most, double, suitable for home, with good quality activated carbon, is sufficient. However, many manufacturers in order to increase the stunt, a lot of mess of purification raw materials get together, diatom mud, nano-mineral, silver ions, negative ions, cold catalyst, photocatalyst, ultraviolet and so on. Known as more than a dozen heavy purification, extremes meet the truth we all know, the most advanced foreign purifier will not rush to so many elements of purification into a machine, and why? . Because of these purification elements, there are physical, chemical, physical and chemical synthesis, in the role of ultraviolet light anion, etc., who knows how much will produce the unknown secondary tertiary pollution? . At present, there is no brand manufacturers dare to put so many purification elements mixed together, even Germany, the United States, Sweden, these developed countries are not! In addition to our domestic some of the audacious FFU manufacturers.

4, HEPA filter material in the end is a good PP or PPXX good?
First of all we can own Baidu, PPXX can find any clues, and other purification filter material PPXX, can find any clues? Some manufacturers known as the PPXF super high-level media, even the world's developed countries, high-end purifier brands do not know, they are in use! But also blowing marvelous, HOHO. Not blowing is not black, is the eight children of HEPA purification supplies, PP and glass fiber. We can understand that high-end foreign brand purifier, mostly with glass fiber, cheaper with PP. Glass fiber and PP is the world's most frequently verified filter, the use of the most places, decades of time to test a century, the world numerous workshops, the family test, absolutely safe and reliable! As for the other PPXX, pro-own investigation, you know there is no such thing.

5, PP good or good glass fiber?
At the beginning of 2016, the network began to appear a lot of fibrous carcinogenicity on the argument, some people have a well-known glass fiber is not good, that a variety of good PP. Here with everyone that under the difference between PP and glass fiber.
From the material speaking, the glass fiber can be finer, PP precision as glass fiber, so the filtration level, PP limit is H14, intuitive is the PM0.3 filtration accuracy of 99.99%, glass fiber filtration accuracy can be achieved H17 above, PM0.3 filtration accuracy of 99.999999% or more. So the industry requires a high environment, must use glass fiber. Fiberglass because of ultra-fine filter holes, and even many bacteria can filter, so many foreign high-end purifiers, fresh air systems are made of glass fiber. As for the glass fiber carcinogenic, is nonsense. First, the glass fiber after industrial production, has become flocculent, and is difficult to drift into the air, and secondly, if the debris, PP because of the more brittle, more likely to debris. However, speaking from the resistance, PP is lower, the glass fiber is higher, the direct reaction of resistance is the amount of wind and wind speed, resistance, wind speed is less. In addition, the home purifier filter because there is no net, so more inclined to the hardness of hard PP. In general terms, PP and glass fiber have their own advantages and disadvantages, no matter who is good or bad, just different occasions with different usage.

6, FFU air purifier in the end how much cost? Why is the market price uneven?
This is a very taboo topic of the industry. How much cost? Why do people sell a few hundred, someone sold a thousand early, it was sold close to two thousand? The cost structure of the FFU air purifier needs to be described in detail.
Industrial FFU Because mass production, such as our company, tens of thousands of production, centralized procurement of raw materials, the cost of a substantial compression, but the cost is still a limit. FFU costs from: motor, impeller, power supply, HEPA high efficiency filter, cellular network, early effect network, power cord, chassis, casters. The main cost comes from the motor and the HEPA and the chassis. This is the price difference inside the gap. FFU purifier As the market hot, many have never done the purification of personnel into the industry. They come up with a very low price, low-cost procurement of raw materials everywhere, OK, but their low-cost is not like us, like a large supplier of centralized procurement, they are cut corners! Many people feel that cutting corners will not be a difference of several hundred dollars price, then I count to the pro. With a HEPA efficient network, the most economical approach and the standard approach, a difference of 120 yuan! The same fan, small brands did not certification and the big brands have 3C, the price difference of 1-200 yuan! And the chassis body, with a thin body, and substandard small workshop paint factory, the price can differ a hundred dollars, and then count the honeycomb activated carbon, if activated carbon, or ordinary columnar activated carbon network, and high-quality coconut shell Activated carbon network compared to the gap there are fifty or sixty yuan! We can calculate the total gap! Such a cut corners, the cost down, even to five or six hundred dollars! And this is why the market was able to do the price of nearly a thousand dollars the reason!
Junk, small workshops without certification production, poor raw material suppliers, raw materials, no certification, relying on the market and make a fortune hot away .. .. Ultimate damage is pro-your interests, household purifier is not used once or twice not Of things, this is the need to accompany you and your family for a long time, so please carefully!

7, FFU air purifier how to do after-sales?
FFU air purifier as a kind of home appliances, motor problems, power problems, etc., there will always be more or less occurred. And most of the small sellers are fried speculation by this unit, sold out on the end, and so your purifier problems, need to find someone after-sales time, I'm sorry, they can not afford you will not deal with any sale Problem, as promised to three five years after-sale protection, it is nothing but empty guns have no sense of commitment only! Looking for big manufacturers, long industry experience, you buy the purifier, not just buy the product, more is to buy the service.

8, how to identify the FFU purifier large manufacturers or small sellers?
(2) look at the company name, the general province at the beginning of the words such as the Guangdong XX Limited, Hunan XX Co., Ltd. This is the first time in the industry to find out the name of the business, (3) to see the company registered capital, registered capital of 1000W and above is the strength of the company. (4) to see the registered address, registered address for the XX industrial area / city is the real manufacturers. (5) degree mother search to understand the company's information, news or word of mouth, etc., can withstand the review of the manufacturers is the strength of the manufacturers!

Last Tips: FFU air purifier is haze haze PM2.5 good things, good things must find a good big manufacturers, for your family and health, safety, do not covet a small cheap, by some sellers blowing Marvelous function of the confusion. FFU purifier is not so mysterious, not so super super-full purifying function, the prerequisite is to choose the right product.
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