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Purification of pure water production design Solution

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According to the national \"Food Production Safety Law\" and \"bottled drinking water\" in the provisions of pure water production must be clean and clean workshop production plant to complete the production of cleanliness requirements in the 100,000 level, the focus of pure water production in microbes Pollution contr...

  According to the national "Food Production Safety Law" and "bottled drinking water" in the provisions of pure water production must be clean and clean workshop production plant to complete the production of cleanliness requirements in the 100,000 level, the focus of pure water production in microbes
Pollution control is strict.


  I、Large-scale mineral water production of ultra-clean plant structure using the international popular new fan + FFU (fan filter unit) + FCU (fan coil) in the form of clean air to ensure that the implementation of the FFU, the room temperature and humidity by the new fan And FCU to ensure that in the space facade is divided into production layer, sandwich and static pressure layer three areas.

  (1) production layer: design planning height, for the workshop, equipment installation area, it is the entire plant core air in the vertical laminar flow function. The activities of the floor laying on the word beam, the word beam surface with water-based epoxy paint coating treatment. Ceiling part of the grid ceiling system, local high FFU, the rest of the area laying blind plate, and the static pressure box layer separated. The working area is surrounded by metal panels and separated from non-clean areas.
  (2) technical sandwich: design planning height, its main purpose is to set the gas, water supply and drainage, such as moving Feng equipment, laying pipeline electrical lines, placed fresh air units and FCU and so on. Ground coating for the epoxy self-leveling Ping, surrounded by metal panels closed.
  (3) static pressure box layer: design planning height, by the return air lane into the area of fresh air and return air mixed pressure treatment, and by FFU pressure filter into the work area, while dust-free workshop Built in the south of the purification) in the region set up automatic sprinkler piping system (working layer) and electrical system. The upper part of the static box is separated from the upper part of the steel roof truss by the sandwich metal plate.

  II、Purification phase of the division of the construction of the whole project according to the purification requirements in three stages of implementation, and the development of stage objectives and specific requirements.
  (1) the general level of pollution control stage: the beginning of this stage, the purification area in addition to equipment into the reserved hole, the construction of the window, the paint should be completed construction, duct, pipe reserved hole should be temporary closure.
This stage can be defined as the top and bottom of the work area around the completion of the wall, the contents of the work such as dust coating, air conditioning unit installation, power equipment, a piping and wiring (cable tray and electrical piping wiring), activities, Wall panels and so on.
  The goal is material purification, the general cleaning and purification. Require the work of the workers finished clearing, opening with a vacuum cleaner for dust, and a weekly cleaning of the overall cleaning. In the second purification phase before the need for a thorough comprehensive cleaning, the dead ends, corners should be cleaned and cleaned.
  (2) a higher level of pollution control phase: this stage can be defined as the first stage, the air before the operation of the process, the contents of the work such as grid ceiling construction, electrical wiring and distribution board installation, lower sandwich pipe and duct Equipment construction.
  Requiring the establishment of a special cleaning staff responsible for the entire face of the cleaning work, requiring each staff to complete the finished staff, and once a week to clean room (in the construction of the South purification) of the overall cleaning, dust production is basically impossible. For the installation of FFU and high efficiency filter to prepare, in the third purification stage before the arrangements for a comprehensive cleaning scrub, requiring pure water or sprinkling as raw materials, with non-dusty high-grade fabric for fine words, and open Vacuum cleaning system for all parts of the vacuum.
  (3) a high level of pollution control phase: the stage of the right defined as the air blowing, until the commissioning of the construction process, such as the installation of FFU and high efficiency filter, the next layer of floor coating (surface), equipment Test run, check the electrical equipment and a variety of alarm confirmation, clean the test between the work.
  Require a dedicated cleaning staff in the purification plant with pure water or alcohol wipe, wipes should be dust-free chemical fiber materials, all into the purification plant staff should wear clean clothes and clean shoes, dust cartons and other prohibited into the purification room , Plain paper, pencil prohibited. Before the test, concentrate on the need for a full wipe to ensure the quality of the test, to create conditions for the installation of process equipment.


  III、Engineering control node division: According to the characteristics of the project, set up seven engineering control nodes, respectively: (in the construction of the South purification) clean room started, finished painting, the activities of the floor to complete the grid hanging Nan system completed, Equipment carried into, completed.
  (1) clean room start: clean room construction requirements for the closed construction, so clean room start conditions for the construction of the building, the building closed to complete.
  (2) grid ceiling system to complete the node: the node control of the main work for the grid crane system installation is complete, under the technical layer of the installation of the wall panels, while requiring ducts and pipes in charge of the completion of the pipeline, electrical pipelines almost done.
  (3) the completion of the coating: the control node to complete the task of the work content for the production layer of the waffle stencil, beam, wall paint finished, return air lacquer painting finished, shared stent and safety net installation, the activities of the floor feet Punch done. The dust content of large work content such as drilling and other work content arranged in the node basically completed.
  (4) the process equipment into the stage: the requirements of the built-in professional closed all completed, air conditioning duct insulation to complete, cooling water, pure water, drainage, vacuum, water and other piping system pressure to complete, power supply wiring completed,
  (5) the activities of the floor to complete: the control of the work of the activities of the activities of the floor to complete the installation, the next technical sandwich in the Tu completed, while the top of the pressure box and wall panels began to install, air conditioning equipment, pumps, heaters, Installation of various air ducts, installation of various ducts, piping of various pipes and electrical pipes are started.
  (6) power transmission node: the node control of the work of the air conditioning unit began to single-phase power supply test run, while the air conditioning duct in addition to the completion of all the insulation, air conditioning piping in addition to pressure insulation all completed.
  (7) Completion: This node requires the completion of single trial operation, the system debugging, testing qualified to complete.

  IV、Personnel and materials such as sources of pollution control
  (1) personnel pollution control: purification plant (built in the south) construction of the core is "clean", the staff is the construction and installation process of the largest source of pollution.
The pollution of the control personnel is the primary problem in the construction organization design.
  (2) Personnel Purification: Set up a dedicated clean room at the entrance of the inflow for personal access to all persons entering and leaving the personnel, according to the requirements of different stages of purification to change clothes, changing shoes, wearing a hat, so that all clean areas of personnel and a tool The purification.
  (3) accreditation system: in each purification stage of access to the purification plant construction staff training, qualified after the corresponding chest version, only to wear badges of the talent was allowed to enter the purification plant.
  (4) Personnel direction: clearly stipulates the flow line and direction, in the upper and lower work area of each suction a staff entrance, all staff only one flow route, take this measure can effectively control the flow of people pollution sources.
  (5) logistics pollution control: logistics is second only to the flow of large sources of pollution, all construction personnel and management personnel should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of purification.
  (6) Dedicated entrance: in the upper and lower work area set up a dedicated import entrance, all materials can only enter the import station through the plant, take this measure can control the clean material at random.
  (7) Material cleaning: All the materials entering the purification plant should be cleaned, before wiping with a rag and scrub with water before entering.

  Purification project is to control the pollution of the project, to clean the requirements throughout the entire process of construction, from the outset should pay attention to civilized construction, attention to pollution control, from the dress to gradually increase the gradual strengthening of cleaning, moving into the machine and materials pollution control
, The flow of people in the phased control, flow of people gradually reduce the flow channel until the complete control of pollution, and ultimately to build a qualified large area clean plant. Shenzhen City in the construction of the South Environmental Co., Ltd. Professional water purification industry clean engineering solutions provider, professional design, production, installation, maintenance of water purification project management.

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