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Medium efficiency air filter
  • Combined air filter for junior high school
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Combined air filter for junior high school

Product Categories:Medium efficiency air filter

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product description:Combined air filter for junior high school

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Product introduction: The combined pre-Medium efficiency is Surrounded by a special professional adhesive glue to Bonding the primary filter, medium efficiency filter and the frame to prevent air leakage or damage due to wind pressure. The combined filter is made of moisture-resistant 100% rayon fiber filter and the frame is made of aluminum which can be  sturdy an moisture-proof. It does not deform, crack, or distort under normal operating conditions. In addition, the filter media is fixed diagonally before and after the frame. The filter material and  frame are tightly bonded to prevent any air leakage.

Features: Stable structure, stable filtration effect, long service life, sturdy, efficient, easy to handle, low initial resistance and stable filtration efficiency.

Function description: Use this filter does not need to change the design of the original air conditioning box, the efficiency is better than the traditional flat filter, and can also extend the life of the high efficiency filter in the rear stage. The combined pre-Medium efficiency is a combination of rayon and galvanized iron.

Efficiency: Our company’s Air Filters are available in a variety of efficiencies, including 40-45%, 60-65%, 80-85%, and 90-95%.

Frame: The flange consists of 26 gauge galvanized iron.

Applications: This series of products can be used in industrial, commercial, hospital, school, building and other various factory air conditioning equipment, or can be installed in gas turbine air inlet equipment or computer room to extend equipment life.

order:Combined air filter for junior high school

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