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Medium efficiency air filter
  • F multi-bag type Medium efficiency air filter
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F multi-bag type Medium efficiency air filter

Product Categories:Medium efficiency air filter

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product description:F multi-bag type Medium efficiency air filter

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Product Name: F multi-bag medium efficiency air filter

Product model: ZNCX/D

Product Description: Widely used in the intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems. It is suitable for high dust concentration and high quality chemical fiber non-woven filter material. It is mainly used to filter particles of 1-5 μm dust, which has the advantages of low resistance and large air volume. The medium efficiency filter has bag type, frame type, combination type and so on.

Product features: large air volume, low resistance, stable performance, low price and strong versatility.

Product selling point:

1, washable. Thrifty users want the filter to be re-used after cleaning. The bag filter produced by our company can meet this requirement. Some users have cleaned a filter several times, and the filter has a service life of up to one year.

2. The resistance is small. Special chemical fiber filter material, reasonable structure, to minimize the resistance of the bag filter.

3. Stable performance. The chemical fiber filter material produced by the company's bag filter does not contain static electricity, and there is no component temporarily enhanced by static electricity in the filtration index. As long as the filter material is not damaged, the filtration efficiency after washing is as good as ever.

4. Strong versatility. The structure and dimensions of the bag filter are uniform with the internationally accepted bag filter. Therefore, it is suitable for most central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems.

5. Unique structure. The outer frame adopts special aluminum profile or galvanized plate frame, which is convenient for complete recovery, utilization and high-quality U-shaped aluminum alloy beading, so that the filter bag has low structural resistance and is used for long life.

Mainly use: Medium efficiency filter is widely used in the intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems, and is suitable for occasions with high dust concentration.


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