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Medium efficiency air filter
  • Cylinder air filter
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Cylinder air filter

Product Categories:Medium efficiency air filter

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product description:Cylinder air filter

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ZJNF purification standard cylinder filter has an efficiency of 99.7% for 0.1 micron and 0.3 micron. The characteristic of our company’s cylinder filter is air can pass through, but fine particles cannot pass. It has a particle removal efficiency of more than 99.97% for a diameter of 0.3 micron (1/200 of the hair diameter) and is the most effective filter medium for smoke, dust and bacteria.

Zhongjian South Cylinder Filter is divided into five kinds of materials: PP filter paper, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric and melt-blown glass fiber.

Features: small wind resistance, large dust holding capacity, high filtration precision, can be processed into various sizes and shapes according to customer needs, suitable for different models.

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