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Design and Construction Scheme of Super - clean Line in Factory

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2017-02-21 17:07:33Pageviews:2718smallinBig

Ultra-clean line - ultra-clean production line is actually composed of more than 100 layers of laminar flow clean bench combination, but also through the top of the frame covered with 100 layers laminar flow hood to achieve, mainly to meet the modern industry, photoelectric Industry, biopharmaceutical and scientific re...

Ultra-clean line - ultra-clean production line is actually composed of more than 100 layers of laminar flow clean bench combination, but also through the top of the frame covered with 100 layers laminar flow hood to achieve, mainly to meet the modern industry, photoelectric Industry, biopharmaceutical and scientific research and other areas of the local work area of the needs of cleanliness and design. Its working principle is: through the fan air into the pre-filter, through the static pressure box into the high efficiency filter filter, the filtered air to the vertical or horizontal airflow state, so that the operation area to reach 100 cleanliness, to ensure that the production of Environmental cleanliness requirements.


   I、Ultra-clean water production Introduction:

Ultra-clean line - Ultra-clean production line is divided into Vertical Flow Clean Bench and Horizontal Flow Clean Bench according to the direction of airflow. Vertical ultra-clean production line is widely used in areas requiring local purification. Laboratory, biopharmaceutical, optoelectronics industry, microelectronics, hard disk manufacturing and other fields. Vertical unidirectional flow clean bench with high cleanliness, can be connected into the assembly line, low noise, mobile and so on.

II、Super clean water production line features:

1, the fan with the German origin of direct drive EBM efficient centrifugal fan, with long life, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, can be stepless speed and other characteristics. Working life of up to 30,000 hours or more. Fan speed performance and stability, high efficiency filter in the final resistance of the state can still guarantee the same amount of wind.
2, the use of ultra-thin non-partition high efficiency filter, the size of the static pressure box to a minimum, matched with stainless steel countertops and glass side baffle to make the whole studio look bright and spacious.
3, equipped with De Weier pressure table, clearly indicate the pressure on both sides of the high efficiency filter, and promptly remind the replacement of high efficiency filter.
4, the use of adjustable air volume system to adjust the wind speed, so that the work area wind speed in the ideal state.
5, easy to remove the large amount of wind pre-filter coarse filter, better protection of high efficiency filter, and to ensure wind speed.
6, vertical manifold, open desktop, easy to operate.
7, the products are manufactured according to the US Federal Standard 209E rigorous testing by Taiwan, high reliability.
8, especially suitable for assembly into a clean production line, according to the process needs to be arranged for a single use, but also more than one series to form a 100 assembly line assembly line.

III、Ultra-clean production line production process control instructions:(One hundred positive pressure isolation system)

  1, ultra-clean line through the inlet system, return air system, glove isolation and other devices to maximize the scope of pollution to bring into the top 100 areas, requiring filling the capping area is greater than the positive pressure bottle area, the current three regional settings The value is as follows: Filling capping area: 12pa, wash bottle area: 6pa. Not really need, not free to shut down 100 fan, so easy to cause efficient outlet air pollution, bringing microbial risks.
2, when the filling or capping area inverter fan speed reaches 100% still can not reach the set pressure value, the system alarm, suggesting that the replacement of 100 high efficiency filter.
3, thousands of clean room requirements: require 1000 filling chamber positive pressure control at 15Pa, control room pressure control at 10Pa, filling chamber pressure is higher than the control room pressure.
4, 100 early effects filter maintenance: conventional one month to replace the primary filter. Filling 100-class system only the initial effect and high efficiency filter, the initial effect of the filter every week to check whether the back of the dirty, dirty need to be replaced.
5, 100 high efficiency filter installation: filling 100 class efficient filter is more sophisticated, in the installation and replacement time to be careful not to touch the filter paper part of the filter paper glass fiber paper, easier to break), while paying attention to the seal The protection of the article.
6, 100 high efficiency filter leak detection: conventional general three months to carry out a hundred high efficiency filter leak detection. If you find a hundred space dust and microbial abnormalities, but also need to filter the high efficiency filter, the detection found to have leaked filter to be replaced, after the replacement again to be leaked, qualified before use.
7, 100 high efficiency filter replacement: conventional one year to replace the high efficiency filter. After replacing the new high efficiency filter, must be re-leaked, qualified before they can begin production.
8, 100 air duct control: air duct hundred wind after the initial effect, in effect, high efficiency three filters, the initial effect of the filter is generally changed once a month, check the back of the main effect of the week is dirty, dirty need to be replaced The In the efficiency of the filter is generally six months to replace the general, but to check the seal every month is tight, to prevent the air due to tight seal around the effect of high efficiency damage. High efficiency filters are generally changed once a year. Filling machine in the filling machine to stop filling, the duct fan can not be completely closed, low-frequency operation to maintain a certain positive pressure.

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